Have more dreams throughout the night! Our flagship product combines ultra-pure natural galantamine with melatonin for a mixture that lets you sleep undisturbed while accessing dreams of unparalled length and stability.

Discover Galantamine

This extract from plantation grown, Red Spider Lily (Lycoris radiata) has a rich history of use in herbal treatment. For thousands of years people have used it for dream enhancement, headaches and for its positive effect on recall.

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How It Works…

This scientifically designed formulation features the phytonutrient galantamine for dream enhancement combined with Choline to support the neurotransmitters necessary for dream recall. Lucid Dreamer represents a powerful new tool for dreamworkers. With Lucid Dreamer you can increase both the frequency of your lucid dreams and their fullness.

Our galantamine comes from plantation grown Red Spider Lily for extra purity and consistency and assures that you can safely combine it with your favorite dream vitamins from B6 to DHEA. The purest galantamine on the market with an assay tested purity of over 96%.