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“It feels like it is really actively happening, you are not just being passive, but actively living the experience.”

“There are zero side-effects… it is like being totally engrossed in a movie.”

“There are a lot of products in what is loosely called ‘New Age’ but this product is truly in a category all by itself; I can’t wait to re-order.”

“Your products really DO live up to the claims and I can without any hesitation recommend them to anyone.”

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All ADN’s Dreamamins products contain galantamine

4mg Galantamine
3mg Melatonin
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Lucid Dreamer
4mg Galantamine
200mg Choline
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4mg Galantamine
96% assay-tested purity
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“As to the expression:  ‘Dream-On’, well with these products, one DOES ‘dream-on’, and on, and on.”

“I think it helped my memory more than did Ginko Biloba.”

“I believe my memory was improved.”

From a woman who said she hadn’t had a dream in more than three years:
“Last night after taking one pill…I HAD A DREAM!!! This is nothing short of a MIRACLE for me. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am.”